Friday, 13 January 2012

Welcome to The Table of Flavours!

Dear friends, I'd like to welcome you with a slice of this fresh and tasty Vegetables Tart.
As the title of the blog already suggested you, these pages will be about flavoury food, but not only! In fact, you'll find also the way of presenting your creations on a fancy table and a handful of rules of etiquette that will help you in case of doubts.
We love to cook good food for ourselfs, but to see the pleasure on the faces of our relatives and friends when they are eating the food that we prepared for them is a completely different satisfaction.
To delight your guests there is no need to be a chef. The best recipes are often also the most simple, but always remeber that you should also please the eye. Presentation is important and it makes half of the success!
Soon you'll find the recipe of this Vegetables Tart. It can work as a start: beautiful and delicious!
So, now pour yourself a nice glass of wine, put on some good music and let's start to cook!

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