Thursday, 22 March 2012

5 Basic Rules for the Formal Table Setting

When you have guests coming over for dinner, the table setting is as important as the food. For a dinner with friends you should chose an informal setting, simple and, if you like it, with some cute details (like fun napkin rings). For an elegant dinner or for a special occasion you should chose a formal setting. The formal table setting is not as elaborate as it might seem; in fact, you need just to follow 5 simple rules and your table will be faultless!

5 Basic Rules for the Formal Table Setting

1) Put the plates in the order you will use them: the first on the top and the last on the bottom (excluding the one for dessert).

2) The same rule is to be applied to the cutlery: the firsts to be used toward the outside; the lasts to be used toward the inside. Chose the cutlery according to the courses.

3) Set the forks on the left-hand side, the knives and spoon on the right-hand side (cutting edges toward the plate), and the dessert cutlery above.

4) Put the glasses on the upper-right (you take the glass with the right hand) according to size, the smallest (white wine) will go closer and the biggest (water) will go further.

5) The place of the napkin is on the left after the forks, not under them, because you do not need to move the cutlery in order to use the napkin.

Which for what

a) underplate
b) dinner plate
c) soup bowl
d) napkin
e) salad/starter fork
f) fish fork
g) dinner fork
h) bread plate
i) dessert spoon and cake fork
l) dinner knife
m) fish knife
n) spoon
o) water glass
p) red wine goblet
q) white wine goblet


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