Monday, 26 March 2012

Dinner Party Buffet

When you invite more than twelve people for dinner it becomes difficult to set a sit down dinner and the best option is to organise a buffet.

Depending on the amount of time that you have for preparing the buffet, you can serve one or two hot main dishes preceded by a selection of cold appetizers and followed by a dessert.

You should try to prepare the most of the dishes in advance and leave for the last moment only what cannot be done before. For example, you can prepare the filling for the sandwiches in advance, but only fill the bread at the last minute.

As a main course I always prefer a dish that I can cook in the oven, like this it will cook while the guest are having the appetizers and I will only have to go and check from time to time with no need of spending my evening in the kitchen.

Here you can find an idea for a dinner party buffet menu. Later I will post the recipes.

Dinner Party Buffet

(There was also a Chocolate and Pistachio Cake but it finished before I could take any picture.. hihi)

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