Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Saint Petersburg: the Tsars, the Art, the Caviar

Usually The Table of Flavours is about recipes and dishes. Today I would like to make a little exception for a great city. Recently I visited Saint Petersburg and I was so fascinated by this place that I want to share with you my feelings about this wonderful town.

Saint Petersburg: the Tsars, the Art, the Caviar

Saint Petersburg welcomed me with the coldest wind but also with sunshine and an incredibly blue sky.
Breathing the Baltic air and walking along the river Neva filled me with energy. Maybe this is the reason because they say that the people who lives in this city are characterized by a powerful creativity. We do not have to forget that this is the city where some of the biggest artists of Russia were born or created their works. When we speak about Saint Petersburg, how not to mention the composer Čajkovskij and the writers Dostoevskij, Gogol’, Puškin and Nabokov?

But first of all, in Saint Petersburg you are immersed in the history, in the history of the Russians Tsars.When you step into the Winter Palace you jump back to the XVIII century. If you close your eyes you can still feel the presence of the court lightly stepping along the palace’s endless corridors, and maybe for a moment you will think to be a Tsarina :-)

The luxury is magnificent and there is such a richness of art works that you cannot avoid to be open-mouthed.

So it will be very easy to completely lose all sense of time and discover that you skipped the lunch, as it happened to me. Fortunately in Saint Petersburg it is not difficult satisfy your appetite with some decadent food. I stopped by the most famous delicacy shop in town on Nevskiy Prospekt. The picture is worth more than one thousand words.

And do not forget to bring back home a jar of paradise…

Bye bye Saint Petersurg! See you soon...

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