Monday, 18 March 2013

Arrivederci! See you on

Dear friends,

As you probably noticed, in the last few months I did not post new recipes on the blog, and now I would like to tell you what happened. More or less one year ago I moved to Moscow and I restarted my life from scratch. A new house, many new friends, a new language, and, especially, a new kitchen! I was very excited for this new adventure, and I began to make plans and projects for the future. But I was also confused and very busy with so many new things! So I needed some time to get organised. 

Moscow is an exceptional city! Millions of people, tons of things to do and thousands of challenges! Always on a rush Muscovites often can spend only several minutes in the kitchen to get their meals ready, but nonetheless they love good food, especially Italian food. So an idea popped-up in my mind: writing about recipes that you can cook in “five minutes”. And Italian cuisine, with its simplicity, is just perfect when you want to cook an express meal.

Like this I started my new project. It is called Retsepty-Pyatiminutki and it presents quick, light, tasty, Italian recipes. All recipes are step by step and supported by pictures. Soon there will be also a video blog and a page about life style. And, what more I can say? I am glad to invite you to visit me at my new website and I would very much appreciate your suggestions. 

Thank you so much for reading my recipes and following The Table of Flavours! I wait for you on 

So this is an Arrivederci!

All the best,


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