Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Red Caviar Mini-sandwiches

With this quick recipe you will certainly impress your guests. These mini-sandwiches are as delightful as good looking. You can serve them in individual portions or also on a large tray as finger food.

I found the inspiration for this dish during a romantic trip to the old town of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria. In a lovely restaurant with a bungler waiter I ordered a delicious starter made with smoked salmon, red caviar and fresh cucumber. It was so good that I tried to make something similar at home. The result was even better!

Red Caviar Mini-sandwiches

Ingredients for 4 portions:

6 slices of white sandwich bread without crust
200 gr of smoked salmon
1 small jar of red caviar (the better is the quality the better is the result)
1 cucumber
1 spring onion
a spring of dill
100 ml of fresh whole milk
100 ml of sour cream (can be replaced by plain yogurt)
100 ml of fresh single cream
a pinch of salt
a pinch of freshly ground black pepper

How to prepare:

Put 2 slices of bread in a small bowl and pour the milk on them. When the bread has absorbed the milk squeeze it and put it in a larger bowl.

Wash the spring onion, the cucumber and the dill. Cut the cucumber in very thin slices. Put 8 slices aside for the decoration. With your hands squeeze out the water from the rest of the cucumber and put the squeezed slices in the bowl with the bread. Chop the spring onion. Add the white part of the onion to the bread mixture and put the green part aside for the decoration. Finally, chop the dill and put half of it in the bowl with the bread and the rest aside for the decoration. Season the bread mixture with salt and pepper and mix well.

With the four remaining slices of bread create two big sandwiches with the smoked salmon in the middle. On the top of the sandwiches spread the bread mixture and on the top of it the red caviar. Then cut the big sandwiches into 8 small sandwiches.

Prepare four plates. Pour on each plate some single cream (it should cover the centre of the plate). Arrange 2 mini-sandwiches on each plate and add a generous spoon on sour cream on one side. Then sprinkle with the spring onion and the dill and decorate with the slices of cucumber. Serve immediately.

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