Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Roses Cornucopia

Enjoying a meal is not only tasting the food but also appreciating the presentation. A beautiful table can make the difference in your food experience. That is why I use my best plates and glasses also when I eat on my own. And when I have guests I love to have a centre-piece on my table. It can be funny and more informal when friends are coming over or sophisticated and more elegant when I receive important guests.

Sometimes I asked the florist to make a centre-piece for me, but the most of the time I enjoy to prepare it by myself.

This one is super simple but very chic. You can make just one if you have a round table or two or three if your table is oval or rectangular and longer.

Roses Cornucopia

What you need (for 1 cornucopia):

3 coral roses
2 cream/light yellow roses
1 leave of aspidistra (large and wide leave used by florists)
Stapler (or dark green cotton thread and needle)
1 transparent vase

How to make it:

With a humid cloth clean the aspidistra leave. Make a cone with the leave and pin it with the stapler or with the thread.

Shorten the stalk of the roses so that they can fit in the cone. Nicely arrange the 5 roses in the cone.

Put 3-4 cm of water in the bottom of the vase and insert the roses cornucopia.

The colour of the roses may vary in function of the colours of your table or, of course, of the availability of fresh roses. 

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